Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Final Blog Post...

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It occurred to me just the other day that there is a huge electronic graveyard of long neglected and expired blog, twitter, and facebook accounts just floating around in the internet.  I was on blogger trying to set up a new blog for an (un)church plant that I am heading up and my favourite choices for addresses were all taken.  So, I became curious about what the blog was like that had the address I desired.  When I saw that the most recent post was from several years ago it got me thinking about this enormous graveyard of abandoned accounts.  I think it made it a little easier to seriously consider abandoning mine.

Perhaps I'll revisit some of my old posts and have a read.  I don't know.  I enjoyed blogging, exploring and sharing my thoughts about a whole range of topics.  I began this blog with a post on gratitude and the riches that I possess.  It seems likewise an appropriate way to finish.

I do indeed feel like a rich man.  I have much to be thankful for.  I have a beautiful, wonderful wife, who loves, supports, and encourages me.  I have an amazing little son, who is too incredible for words.  I have communities of which I am blessed to be a part of; I am surrounded by loving friends who speak wisdom and grace into my life.  I have a new career into which I am just about to embark. I have a future about which I am very excited and a present in which I am very much content.  I can think of one appropriate response to the gift that my life is.  It is for me to smile, raise my eyes to heaven, and say "Thanks be to God".

And, by the grace of God, the adventure goes on...

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